How is CIC Financed?

CIC receives funds from speaking engagements, consultancy work and from the sale of leaflets and books. However, basic information on cultism is available free of charge to enquirers.

Since CIC is not financed by government grants, it is heavily dependent on the generosity of the public. If you would like details about the different ways in which you can contribute to CICs ongoing charitable work, please contact us. We would be pleased to send you information on covenanting, Gift Aid and other ways of giving.

Operating as a charity, CIC is now eligible for greater funding than was possible before. In order to build up CIC we need to continue to develop a sound funding base to help pay for all the ongoing expenses associated with the telephone, postage, the office, staff and all the other miscellaneous costs.

If you know of individuals or charitable trusts that might like to help CIC in this important educational work, we would be delighted to hear from you or them and to provide further information on the different ways that people and institutions and people can give.

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